Arnold Schwarzenegger Daughter Wallpapers

If Arnold Schwarzenegger and ex-wife Maria Shriver haven’t been very talkative about their divorce, not the same can be said about their eldest daughter. Katherine Schwarzenegger spoke about her parents’ divorce for the first time of in an interview with Harper’s Bazaar. 09 more after the break...

Although she believs that “everything happens for a reason,” she does say that “a lot of the time, it’s hard to understand in the moment why things are happening.”

Katherine, 21, said that her parents tried to protect her and her siblings, Christina, 19, Patrick, 17 and Christopher, 13, from the media as much as they could throughout their marriage.

When her parents announced their separation, Katherine admits to having suffered from the reaction of some people.

“When [the separation] started happening, it was like everything came of nowhere,” she said. “Even when I would go out to lunch.”

“Literally, 20 people would come and scream at me. And I’m like, This is all so inappropriate; you’re trying to provoke me to say something crazy!”

However the scandal brought a lot of attention and at one point she even considered changing her famous name.

“I thought of changing it because, especially for dating, it’s impossible. It’s something I deal with every day, and I am hyper-conscious about it.”

As for people who bring up her dad’s name, she jokingly says, “It’s like, ‘Do you want to date my father, or do you want to date me? Like, I can arrange that for you.’”